Puree carrots and potatoes, organic farming – 12 meals

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24,00(either 80,00€ / kg)(either 2,00€ / meal)VAT included

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Beautysane commits itself in the selection of its ingredients: Because Baby deserves the best of nature, we select all the ingredients with the utmost care and guarantee
each steps of our product’s elaboration: from the raw materials selection to their implementation in the recipe.

Carrot flakes (carrots*, rice flour*, corn starch*), potato flakes (potatoes*, rosemary extract*), corn starch*. Potato 40%, carrot 35%

* The ingredients in the product are sourced from organic grower

Nutritional values unit For 100 g Per serving
Energy values kJ 1539 385
Energy values kcal 363 91
Fat g 0,7 < 0,5
including saturated fatty acids g 0,2 < 0,1
Carbohydrates g 82 20
including sugars g 17 4.4
Dietary fiber g 4,9 1,2
Proteins g 5,0 1,3
Salt g 0.33 0.08

To prepare Baby’s puree, add 100 ml of water with a low mineral content into a bowl. Slowly add the sachet while stirring for one minute. Add further water as needed to produce the preferred consistency. Heat up in the microwave during 45 seconds at 750 w (variable depending on the microwave model). Leave to stand for further 2 minutes prior to consumption. It is important to follow the instructions of use. Consume as quickly as possible after preparation. Keep in a dry place

From 6 months of age.

Price24,00(either 80,00€ / kg)(either 2,00€ / meal)VAT included

The French throw away an average of 29 kg of food per year, including 7 kg of food still wrapped*.

Thanks to their long shelf life (2 years!), Beautysané products limit food waste. We also encourage the sorting of our packaging to:

  • Reduce the volume of waste
  • Save natural resources
  • Adopt good habits to preserve our planet!

Our cardboard boxes can be sorted in the yellow garbage can. The bags are not recyclable at this time.

*According to the latest figures from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe).


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