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Are you a fan of the Beautysané products ? Are you interested in nutrition and well-being ?Would you like to help others feel better ?

Would you like to make a bit of extra money, start a career change or a new career ?

Why not become a Beautysané Consultant ?

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Beautysané is…

A French company with almost 20 years of experience

Innovative products, focused on nutrition and well-being

A close-knit community of 7,000 independent Consultants

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A tailor-made activity

Discover a rewarding new activity, 100% flexible, focused on exchange and sharing.

Your role as a Consultant : talk about Beautysané to those around you, support your customers and offer products tailored to their needs to help them achieve their goals.

What could be better than helping others to feel better?

You have complete freedom to work, progress at your own pace and receive remuneration in line with your activity.

Want to go further? Build your own network of Beautysané Consultants and develop real management skills!

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We support you

At Beautysané, being independent doesn’t mean being alone.

From the moment you start up, you will be supported and trained by Beautysané experts and other Advisors throughout your career.
You can also take advantage of the My Bee Academy training programme.

We will give you all the keys you need to develop your new business with complete peace of mind.

Doing business has never been easier !

Your working environment

Get the tools and support you need to develop your business.

Online shop

Have your own turnkey shop and generate income from your sales.

Training courses

Become a real expert thanks to our online and face-to-face training couses.

Personal workspace

Procedures, documentation, customers… Take advantage of a special space entirely dedicated to your business.

Reduced prices and loyalty programme

Take advantage of our low-priced products and build customer loyalty with our loyalty programme!


Seminars, conferences, trips…
Experience unique moments with the Beautysané community.


Get support and advice throughout the development of your business.

They took the plunge…

Who to describe the Beautysané adventure ? Our Consultants !

Adeline et Hugo

25 years old, Maine-et-Loire

À 25, as young entrepreneurs, the more we expose ourselves, the less risk we take.

This business allows us to invest time and capitalise on it for the future.

As we’ve progressed, we’ve discovered another version of ourselves, gaining in freedom and increasing our confidence !


55 years old, Gironde

I started this business to earn €2,000 a month.
I’ve earned much more than I could have imagined.

A career, real financial freedom and time to spend with my son.

I was lucky enough to come across this business model, and then it was my dreams and perseverance that contributed to my success !


49 years old, Saint-Gilles les Bains, Reunion Island

I’am a supermarket owner with major responsibilities.

I’m developing the business as a coupleso that I can share the magic of this business model, spend quality time with my family and enjoy life as never before.

Knowing how to be where you need to be, when you need to be.

Delphine and Philippe

55 years old, Gouvy, Belgium

Our adventure with Beautysané began in December 2020 with the aim of supplementing our income, but we quickly realised that this business could give us financial freedom and free up our time.

Today, 3 years on, we’re building our future by supporting people who also want to change their lives. We’ve changed our goals and expanded our list of dreams.

As a bonus, we’ve met some wonderful people who are helping us to develop our business and who have become our friends !

Now it’s my turn !

Any questions ?

Do I need a diploma ? +

You don’t need any qualifications to become a Beautysané Consultant. The job is open to everyone, whatever your qualifications or experience.

Do I need to be available full-time ? +

The Beautysané Consultant activity is flexible and adapts to your schedule and lifestyle. You can only devote a few hours a month to it. If you want to go further and do it full-time, that’s also possible. This activity adapts to you, not the other way round!

What is the status of a Beautysané Consultant ? +

When you’re a Beautysané Consultant, you work completely independently thanks to your VDI (Vendeur à Domicile Indépendant) status. Rest assured: you are independent but never alone. Beautysané is always at your side to support you in all your endeavours

Do I need to make a financial investment to get started ? +

No financial investment is required, apart from the membership fee of €25 for one year.

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Secure payment

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Subscription service

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Delivery in 48 to 72 hours

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Payment in 3x / 4x

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