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Feed the Change by Beautysané.

Helping to unleash everyone’s potential through enhanced nutrition.

Made in France

Innovative nutritional solutions

Energy Diet, our flagship product, as well as our food and drink supplements, are developed, manufactured and packaged in France by our production unit, in compliance with French and European food standards. We are exploring new ways of imagining the food of tomorrow with our research and development department and through numerous collaborations.

Taste above all

The brand with taste

Beautysané relies on research and innovation, without ever forgetting about the importance of taste and the pleasure of eating. Our priority: to offer balanced, complete, practical and delicious meals, with a wide variety of flavours!

Since 2012, our products have been awarded “Flavours of the Year” each year by a jury made up of several hundred consumers. The way we eat is the foundation of our lives. Beautysané wants you to enjoy life, enjoy it with taste!


Meeting with Sylvain Bonnet

Founder of Beautysané

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 23. The adventure started with the sale of cosmetics and technology, but it was in 2003 that a team of expert dieticians and I studied new ways of losing weight and especially of staying slim based on 3 essentials: eating well, moving well and well-being.

This came after many years of losing/gaining personal weight and dieting with no lasting effect. Together with our manufacturing partner, we have developed a new generation of meal replacements and food supplements that continues to grow in scope and strength.

We are committed to giving everyone the foundation for a better balance, better health and a better life. To achieve this, I, therefore, chose “social selling” as my business model, because our community of independent Beautysané distributors is the ideal way to support and help our customers.

This approach has changed the lives of many people, and I continue to be actively involved in these national and international think tanks studying the nature of nutrition and business in the future.

Unlocking our potential

Unlocking our full potential cannot be done without human contact. And it’s also easier to change your habits with the help of a tight-knit community!

An adventure that we are all writing together, with our customers, our distributors and our team.

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Subscription service

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Delivery in 48 to 72 hours

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