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I never go on trips or to competitions without Energy Diet Chocolate in my suitcase!

It's super practical, very good, and above all I'm never hungry. At the same time, I don't feel like I've eaten a lot (a feeling that can be very limiting in sport), so I can have an Energy Diet just before or during sport without any problem.I engage in a risky, physically and psychologically demanding sport.

My daily goals are to continue to improve my skills and to learn new tricks. To build a better version of myself on rollerblades every day! I don't need to gain muscle mass for my sport, but I must have the best power to weight ratio. I don't follow a restrictive diet, I eat what I like when I like!

I take the Omega 3 and Anteox food supplements and have an Energy Diet Chocolate with oatmeal, fruit and almonds for breakfast every day. It's the perfect breakfast before tackling my morning muscle building or cardio session.

Before going to the skatepark in the afternoon, I drink 1 Energy Power Stickola, and if I feel a bit peckish during the session, I have an Energy Diet Chocolate. That's my favourite!

Twice a week, I also drink 1 litre of Energy Detox (often during a muscle building session). I also drink it when I want to avoid aching after big workouts.

I have been using Energy Diet for over 15 years and it is a real partner in my daily life!

Energy Diet chocolate flavour

"I have been using Energy Diet for over 15 years and it is a real partner in my daily life!"

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