Top 20 negative calorie fruits

By Christelle

Christelle est diététicienne nutritionniste. Son domaine de prédilection est l’alimentation saine, nutritive et sans prise de tête ! Elle rédige des articles concernant l’alimentation et le sport.


Did you know that some fruits use more energy during digestion than they provide? We tell you everything!

Why are we talking about negative calories?

There is a theory that certain foods provide fewer calories than are required to digest them. It’s only a short step from there to talking about “negative calories“! Although this hypothesis has no real scientific basis, these conclusions are in line with what is recommended for a balanced diet, i.e. eating fruit and vegetables at every meal! Low in calories and/or rich in water, they help us to lose weight and/or stabilise our weight.

We’ve put together our list of our 20 favourite negative calorie fruits!

1) Lemon:

Rich in vitamin C, soluble fibre and antioxidants, it will stimulate our taste buds and thus facilitate our digestion. Added to water, drizzled over fish or in our vinaigrette, its tangy taste will suit all our preferences. Don’t wait to try it!

2) Clementine and mandarin:

Low in calories, rich in vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants and soft fibre, we can’t resist these two little redheads!

3) Orange :

One orange is almost enough to provide the recommended amount of vitamin C. It also contains minerals and fibre and is low in calories. No need to go without!

4) Pineapple:

Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals and low in calories, it has everything to please. Its bromelain content also makes it an interesting anti-inflammatory ally and an asset for the circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Any excuse to add a touch of the exotic to our menus!

5) Kiwi:

We say yes to kiwi! A vitamin C champion with only 40 calories.

6) Apple:

An excellent appetite suppressant thanks to its high water, fibre, vitamin and mineral content!

7) Mango:

Mangos have a lot to offer. They are a good source of minerals and fibre and they are also very high in vitamin C and carotene!

8) Rhubarb:

Low in calories and rich in fibre, vitamins and calcium. Love the tangy taste that will awaken your taste buds!

9) Grapefruit:

Rich in fibre and vitamins, and low in calories, it helps us stock up on antioxidants. Let’s not miss out on this burst of energy!

10) Watermelon:

The star of summer with its high water and low calorie content. Thanks to its high level of vitamins, it has everything we could wish for!

11) Melon:

Packed with vitamins, minerals… and water! We love it!

12) Apricot:

Very rich in carotene and at about 20 kcal per apricot, you can never have too many!

13) Peach:

Juicy, refreshing, rich in vitamins and antioxidants… down the hatch! Here’s a little secret. At 50 kcal per peach, you can even eat two!

14) Strawberry:

Vitamins and antioxidants on the menu. With their low calorie content, they can be eaten freely!

15) Raspberry:

Antioxidants, fibre and minerals are just some of the benefits it offers!

16) Blackcurrant:

Low in calories but high in vitamins, all the more reason to munch on them whenever you want.

17) Papaya:

You don’t need a fo-fork to enjoy its vitamins and low-calorie content 🙂


Fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the blueberry is a seductive superfruit!


A medium-sized pomegranate provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and about 100 kcal… but well done if you manage to eat all of it!


Vitamins, minerals and fibre are all present! And at 70 kcal per 100 grams, there are no seeds to worry about!


Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and low in calories. You can therefore succumb to its sweet taste without blushing!

That’s all you need to know! We only have one thing left: to wish you: “Bon Appétit!”   ?

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