What should I do when I reach a weight plateau?

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Despite all our efforts to lose weight, for some time now… It stagnates! Here are our explanations and tips to keep your spirits up and get through this difficult period!

Weight “plateau”: explanations

There is nothing more painful than seeing your weight stagnate while you are working hard to follow a diet to the letter. However, don’t panic: a “diet plateau” is a classic and determining stage when you want to lose weight. At the beginning of a diet, weight loss is mainly related to water loss. The loss of fat mass occurs mainly after a first plateau, hence the importance of persevering and continuing the program defined at the beginning.

How do you break the “plateau” phase?

– Changing your physical activity:

To get your body to respond, increase your physical activity and make changes to your exercise routine. If you’ve been doing weight training, switch to an endurance sport like jogging or swimming. By increasing the intensity of your exercise, you’ll speed up your metabolism and therefore burn more calories and build lean body mass.

– Taking stock of your diet:

For 3-4 days, write down everything you eat in a notebook, without changing your habits. This will enable you to see any dietary errors: skipped meals, no breakfast, not enough fruit and vegetables, not enough fibre (provided by wholemeal bread, cereal bread, wholemeal rice, semi-complete pasta, legumes, oleaginous fruits, forest fruits, oat bran)…
And drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day, as you may be confusing hunger with thirst.

– Learning to measure progress:

Progress is not just measured on the scale! If you have increased your physical activity, your muscle mass has increased. This may not show up on your scale, but you will look and feel better.
So measure your waistline once a week to see how much progress you have made. Another tip: A good way to check if you are losing weight is to try on different clothes. If your clothes fit better (or are too big!), you’ve made a good step forward!

– Asking for a helping hand:

If you have a drop in motivation and you feel discouraged, do not hesitate to call on your Beautysané advisor! He or she will be able to provide you with support, advice and tips to get you through this difficult period and regain your energy.
You can, for example, take a course of the food supplement Excess Burn: based on L-carnitine, green tea and caffeine, it will boost your metabolism and give you the boost you need to continue losing weight!

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